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  1. jikemake
  2. Laura
    New comer and looking forward to make friends
  3. franzchan
    New in the melbourne
  4. Suzuna
  5. Vineet
    hi i'm looking for part time job please help
  6. Jazmín.ik
    New in the city
  7. Ahvic Pajarillo
    Ahvic Pajarillo
    Hi. I'm looking for a part time job! Can you help or suggest to me of where can I find one? Thank you.
  8. Ahvic Pajarillo
    Ahvic Pajarillo
    Hi I'm Avic :) I'm a new student here in Adelaide! Is there people here joining the welcoming day of idp this coming 13 August? I'm Manila.
    1. Ahvic Pajarillo
      Aug 2, 2016
  9. Rahul Saini
    Rahul Saini
    doing masters of professional accounting at uwa perth
  10. Pawan sapkota
  11. Duan
    Doing Master of Design @ Monash Art Design & Architecture
  12. Debbie
    Be right back Manila! Hello Melbourne! Here to take my Masters in The Hotel School. Hope to make new friends!
  13. Daniel Aguayo
    Daniel Aguayo
    Hello, just arrived to Melb, I am from RMIT Uni!
  14. Vineet
    Vineet Elisa
    Hi punit n Elisa. This is vineet from India. Nice to meet both of you
  15. Lupe
    Hiii, hope to make new friends here :)
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    2. satyam pandey
      satyam pandey
      Jul 13, 2016
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  16. Jesko
    Any one here going to Uni Western Australia
  17. Jacky Liu
    Jacky Liu
    an international student of unimelb
  18. Jacky Liu
    Jacky Liu
    G'day, mate
  19. Jaskirat Singh
  20. Jaskirat Singh
    Jaskirat Singh
    Yo whatsupp guys and girls , M jassi from India
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